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Tableau Web Data Connector

Tableau Web Data Connector

This post is in reference to the associated Github repo at

Tableau WDC

Quick example of a Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) pointing to the output of a SAS proc json.
Reason: For example, your source data is in SAS, and your BI tool is Tableau. You want a way to publish the data to Tableau and you have access to a webserver.

Automate the generation of the WDC package

Before we start, if you have lots of datasets or need to make lots of changes to a dataset, then creating or modifying the javascript becomes tedious. I’ve built a simple Node.js package to automate this. See Tableau Web Data Connector Node Generator post if you are interested.


This is based on this tutorial.

Generate the data

To generate the JSON I installed WPS Community edition.

libname this "./data";
proc json out="./json/class.json";
  export this.class;

Deploy the HTML/JS/JSON

To get this demo going, copy the files in the Github repo to a location on your webserver. In this example I’ll be using my

Test the WDC

Open up Tableau (in this case I’m just using Tableau Public Desktop).

Add a data connection

New Connection

Browse the the published WDC HTML page

Browse URL

Get the data

Click Get Class Data! and you should be able to build a dashboard from the JSON data now.