Welcome to Mortimer XYZ

Welcome, it's great to have you here. Please read about the things I am interested in and what I have done.

Welcome to Mortimer XYZ

A few things you should know upfront:

My name is Christopher, but most people call me Chris. I live and work in the capital of Australia, Canberra, and I’m passionate about technology and design. I specialise in Data Analytics, Engineering and Warehousing as well as web development.

Timeline (recent first)

Working @ Australian Government

Health Sector 2022/23 Primarily working as a Web Developer / Data Engineer / Data Scientist

  • Full stack web development building a web application for integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) predictions and labelling with business reporting.
  • Python Flask, SQLite3, AdminLTE (built on top of Bootstrap) with JavaScript libraries including DropZone.js
  • Use of Git (and Bitbucket)
  • Configuration of Linux environment.
  • Maintaining and developing R scripts that read and write from many data sources and targets
  • Sourcing data from a data warehouse (Teradata) into R environment

Agriculture Sector 2021/22 Primarily working on Microsoft/Azure platform Data Science and CI/CD

  • Contributed to architecture for an Azure Data Analytics platform
  • Building solutions on Azure Databricks including configuring clusters, writing shell scripts, engineering data between on premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen2)
  • Configuring CNTLM proxy for authenticating against a Windows proxy from a Linux machine
  • Refactoring machine learning models (Python) from SQL Server Machine Learning Services to Databricks
  • Python development for automation of things and ML pipelines
  • Strategies for source control of PowerBI PBIX files in Git
  • Gathering requirements from business areas and subsequent development of PowerBI dashboards

Health Sector 2020/21 Primarily working on a website upgrade and Information Management

  • Technical Lead for the refresh of Health Workforce Data including web development (Gulp, Fractal, Node.js) content, design and Business Intelligence (Tableau)
  • Assessing the technology landscape and building proof of concepts in Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Sense
  • Analysing usage of systems, parsing apache logs, and Windows file systems using Python, TPT scripts to load to Teradata in native JSON format, Qlik for analysis
  • Powershell and Python for automation
  • Implemented Git hooks for deployment

Worked @ Australian Government

2019/20 Primarily working on strategic Information Management projects

  • Assessing the technology landscape and building proof of concepts in SQL Server, Power BI, Python and web technologies
  • Analysis of social media data including sentiment analysis SQL Server: Graph and Machine Learning services; network and sentiment analysis; minor DBA tasks
  • Jupyter notebooks for Python and R
  • Scripting the download of data from public APIs and loading to SQL Server
  • SSAS, Power BI and Cognos Analytics
  • Web based documentation including system architecture diagrams Cytoscpe.js framework

Worked @ Consulting

Teradata 2016, working on a few end to end data projects from data sourcing to BI and Analytics

  • Utilising the Teradata Aster Analytics platform (Teradata Vantage)
  • Build dashboard in Tableau and SAS Visual Analytics and developing custom-built web applications (including usage of Jquery / Bootstrap)
  • DBA work including database hierarchy, users and roles/privileges
  • ETL development including Teradata TPT scripts, Python, bash, calling REST APIs, processing JSON, loading data to a SAS LASR server
  • SAS Platform admin including managing SAS users and user groups

SAS 2019, worked on a new Viya deployment

  • Designing and implementing the security model of a new visual analytics platform on SAS Viya
  • Developing Python and bash scripts for the automation of processes such as adding new security groups on the OS (Linux Redhat) and SAS Platform

Worked @ Australian Government

Health Sector 2006->2016 In various data related roles including data analysis, ETL, time series forecasting, web development

  • Developing a strategy for the warehousing of data in a Teradata EDW including data modelling and ETL
  • Designing a web-based system for cleansing data using SAS Stored Processes
  • Developing and expenditure forecasting model
  • Developing improved UI for forecasting
  • Transitioning to a Teradata EDW from a SAS midrange environment


Sigma Motors ACT 2022 Web developer and Cloud infrastructure 2022

  • Developed and deployed a marketing website for Sigma Motors ACT Sigma Motors ACT
  • AWS/Google cloud platform/Azure virtual machine configuration, networking and firewall rules
  • AWS Route 53 DNS configuration
  • Gatsby.js for frontend and Contentful CMS for content
  • Infrastructure and application installation and CICD (Nginx, Git)


Here are the programming languages I’m either good at or have have used them enough to write them here.

%put SAS;
select 'SQL';
.css {
  font: CSS;
echo 'Bash'
Write-Host 'Powershell'


Australian National University 2002->2006

Majored in Mathematics (Computational), Minored in Physics